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Warehouse Lighting
Damage due to poor lighting or poor communication between truck drivers and dock workers can be a major factor. LED dock lights can save a significant amount of energy without sacrificing lighting performance. Mt. Zion is also a provider or full warehouse space automatic lighting. For new construction to replacements and repairs.
Safety Equipment
Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is a priority of any successful warehouse and loading dock operation. The mixture of personnel and machinery in hectic, fast-paced environments means the opportunity for accident and injury is always present. Communication, gates, dock locks, and many other products can be a preventative measure
Energy Saving Products
We know that maintaining a temperature controlled environment is important to your facilities. Our products make this possible while preventing energy loss.
Gate & Barriers
Within the last few years OSHA’s regulations on fall protection have changed and became much more strict. This is one of the top reasons facilities are penalized and fined. Mt. Zion has all the details on what exactly you need to protect your building openings.
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