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Committed to providing a broad selection of the toughest trucks for the most challenging applications

Product Qualities

Find savings with our cost effective equipment solutions including lower maintenance costs and our excellent warranties.
Stärke offers industry-leading warranties – including parts and labor coverage – on all of our product lines.
Stärke equipment is designed to meet or exceed ANSI/ASME standards, are CE approved and are manufactured in ISO certified facilities.
Our equipment is built for performance, ergonomics, straightforward diagnostics and ease of maintenance.
We use high quality components from well-known manufacturers such as IMPCO, GM, Nissan, Curtis and Zapi.

Models We Carry

LiftMaxx Pallet Trucks

Manual – up to 5,500 lb capacity
Walkie & Rider Models – 3,000 lb – 8,000 lb capacity

LiftMaxx Stackers

Manual: 2,200 lb – 3,300 lb capacity
Semi- Electric: 2,200 lb – 3,300 lb capacity
Fully Electric: 2,000 lb – 3,500 lb capacity
Walkie Reach Stackers: 3,000 lb capacity
Rider Reach Stakers: 3,000 lb – 4,000 lb capacity
Order Pickers: 3,000 lb capacity
Dock Stockers: 3,500 lb – 4,000 lb capacity

Utility Series
Electric Personnel Carrier: 1,100 lb tow capacity
Electric Burden Carrier: 2,200 lb – 6,600 lb tow capacity
Electric Rider Tow Tractors: 4,400 lb – 22,000 lb tow capacity
Electric Tow Trackers: 10,000 lb tow capacity
Electric Puller: 3,000 lb tow capacity
Electric Stock Chaser: 300 lb load capacity
EcoMaxx Series #1
LPG Models: 2,000 lb – 7,000 lb capacity
Diesel Models: 4,000 lb – 7,000 lb capacity
EcoMaxx Series #2
LPG Models: 11,000 lb – 15,400 lb capacity
Diesel Models: 8,000 lb – 22,000 lb capacity
XVI Energy Series
3 & 4 Wheel Electric
Cushion Tire Models: 3,500 lb – 4,000 lb capacity
Pneumatic Tire Models: 3,500 lb – 7,000 lb capacity
Energy Series
3 & 4 Wheel Electric
Cushion Tire Models: 3,000 lb – 5,000 lb capacity
Pneumatic Tire Models: 2,000 lb – 6,000 lb capacity
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