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Dock Equipment is our specialty! Mt. Zion Material Handling Equipment began by becoming one of the exclusive Kelley loading dock equipment dealers joining an extensive worldwide network.

Leading Brand in the Industry

Kelley is leading the material handling industry with their dock equipment. In fact, Kelley invented the first ever counterbalanced loading dock back in 1953. An entire new industry was born that would drastically change Warehouse Distribution, Manufacturing, & Shipping. Kelley now has an array of high- quality products that complement one another, see below.

Dock Levelers

Our number one product that creates a safer, innovative, and more productive work space.

Seals and Shelters

Protect your building from the constant flow of truck traffic while keeping sealed gaps when trailers are loaded.

Vehicle Restraints

Many accidents can occur during this work environment. The Restraint is high priority for safety.

Dock Levelers

The Kelley AFX Air-bag Dock Leveler
It is the newest model of the loading dock collection. It has become one of the most popular and reliable because of its engineered design, allowing less moving parts and equaling less repairs. In 2008 there were over 10,000 facilities using airbag levelers.
Kelley Mechanical Dock Leveler
It uses a pull chain system to operate. This model has three unique designs that make is safe and strong. The Safe-T-frame gives a strong structural support, the unlimited Float Hold-down allows for less weight required to walk down the leveler, and The Hydra Cam Lip assembly allows for more control of the lip when operating. Designed for exceptional performance and endurance.
The Hydraulic Leveler
It is much different than many other hydraulic systems. Kelley has decided to place the hydraulic cylinder in the front of the deck to provide even distribution of the load weight. These levelers allow for high productivity and are electrically powered by a push button for simple operation.
Edge of Dock

These are platforms mounted to the edge of a building wall to assist loading and unloading of trailers in a limited working range of 3″ (72.6 mm) above to 3″ (72.6 mm) below dock. Three series of activation systems are available, including: mechanical (manual) operation, air-powered operation and hydraulic operation.

The Load Hog
It mounts to the warehouse floor using only four heavy-duty anchor bolts, requires no concrete work and provides a lower lifetime cost of ownership than Edge of Dock levelers, portable dock plates and many types of mechanical pit-style dock levelers.

Seals & Shelters

provide a solution for the loading dock position to protect the building and weather conditions. The Seal is made up of galvanized steel and padding covered in top of the line fabric designed for this specific use.
have a more productive and efficient dock. Allowing you to keep element out and away during times of loading. Recommended for larger door sizes. Ask your sales representative for fabric and style options.

Vehicle Safety Restraints

Truck Restraints
These are used so that safety is never compromised. Standard wheel chocks are often lost, ineffective, and costly overtime. A Restraint has become one of the best performing solutions. It is mounted below the loading dock pit and can be manual or powered with optional but highly recommended communication lights. Kelley has made a design themselves called the Star and APS Resource has a different design called the APS 2000. Both models can be sold, installed and serviced by Mt. Zion.
Versa Chock

It is a simple, cost-effective means of securing trailers while effectively communicating operation status with drivers and dock workers to ensure a safe and productive dock operation.This versatile vehicle restraint system accommodates a wide variety of trailers and vehicles regardless of the condition or presence of an ICC bar. It includes a patent pending, wireless engagement design that provides wheel detection at all engagement ranges and requires no chock cabling or permanent structure installed on the drive to secure the vehicle. SEE VIDEO BELOW!

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